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"The Perfect Mindset Doesn't Exi-"

Let me make one thing clear: I am nowhere near perfect.

I am in no way, shape or form the holder of a magic key to the perfect life.

I don't have a formula for being positive and happy and smiley and jolly all day long.

I have some great days, but I also have some not-so-great ones too. I have slumps. I fail often. I have negative thoughts. I sometimes want to give up.

*ahem* Is this how positive mindset blogs usually start? ......

The reason I'm saying this is because it's important, if you're someone who wants to reduce the amount of negativity you feel.

It's important to recognise that as humans, we are never going to have the perfect mindset. The most positive person in the world still has negative thoughts and feelings. That's just part of our nature. It's our Yin and Yang.

Common consequences of negativity are anger; deflecting blame; denial; sadness; confusion. Take a moment here to think about how you channel your negativity.

It's equally important to know that it's down to us as individual thinkers to overcome negativity in our own personal way.

Being positive is not as easy as falling down and getting straight back up. It's not as simple as "thinking happy thoughts".

A good way to look at negativity is that it will linger for as long as you let it linger. There is not one answer for overcoming every negative, but if you let them manifest and pile up, the escape becomes much more challenging.

But, if you can work out how to channel your negatives in a proactive and positive way, you will be unstoppable.

The perfect mindset doesn't exist. But because I can handle a negative, I'm much more positive: which makes a massive difference in every aspect of my life.

If you don't know to change your mentality like this, maybe you can try what I do.

The way I handle the negativity in my life is to turn it into fuel for positive action. Action is the key here. A simple analogy is this: if my brain says "I can't do this essay", I'm going to question why I can't!

"Oh, CAN'T I?!? Just you watch, brain!!!"

I guarantee you I'd finish that essay in under an hour. See, negative thoughts spur me on - they become personal motivations.

Now, I'm naturally a very competitive person (and a pretty sore loser, it must be said). So I turn my negative thoughts into a competition - me vs my brain. It works for me. If I win, awesome. If I fail, I'm not down in the dumps - because I gave it my best effort. I'm even more fired up to win next time!

This is my combat - my action plan. But competitiveness might not be your answer. And that's okay!

Because this is your life. You're haven't got to this point of the blog just to read about me anymore. You've got here because you want the secrets to the perfect mindset.

Again, let me make this clear: my negative thoughts still win sometimes. A perfect mindset just doesn't exist. I will never conquer all of the negative thoughts that my brain will conjure up, because that's life as a human being.

But believe this: I will always put up a fight.

Does this action plan resonate with you? How can you use your good qualities to overcome your negativity?

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